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Join Nurses Obesity Network member organizations at their national conferences and events!

ANCC National Magnet Conference | ANCC Pathway to Excellence Conference. October 13–15, 2022. Philadelphia, PA.

ANCC National Magnet Conference® and ANCC Pathway to Excellence Conference®

You’re invited to the ANCC National Magnet Conference® and ANCC Pathway to Excellence Conference® in Philadelphia, October 13–15, 2022! There is so much to learn and do. Access both conferences for one price and choose from 120 educational sessions, hear from three inspiring keynote speakers, view 177 posters, explore the latest innovations and technologies in the Exhibit Hall, be a part of the Magnet® and Pathway to Excellence designation celebration, and attend the amazing Welcome Party at the Franklin Institute! Register today: #ANCCMagnetCon #ANCCPathwayCon

National Association of Indian Nurses of America

National Association of Indian Nurses of America

When: October 7–8, 2022

Where: Edison, NJ

ANA Enterprise

American Nurses Credentialing Center — Magnet/Pathway Conference

When: October 13–15, 2022

Where: Philadelphia, PA

Haitian Alliance Nurses Association

Haitian Alliance Nurses Association International (HANA-I)

Annual Leadership Convention: Rooted in Strength: Revitalizing the Core & Enriching the Foundation of Nursing through Education, Policy & Advocacy

When: June 22–25, 2023

Where: Malcom X College, Chicago, Illinois in collaboration with Alpha Beta Epsilon Chapter at-Large of Sigma

Webinar Replay – Minority Health Month Cafecito

On April 22nd, the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) hosted a Minority Health Month Cafecito focused on obesity. The online event features Surgeon General Novello and Dr. Carli Zegers from the National Association of Hispanic Nurses. Dr. Zegers shares her challenges in the healthcare system supporting patients living with obesity and recounts some of her own challenges receiving treatment for the disease.

Replay of Nurses Obesity Network Kickoff Discussion from Feb 1, 2022

View a replay of the Nurses Obesity Network kickoff discussion from Tuesday, February 1st, 2022.

  • Introduce the Nurses Obesity Network and our overall mission
  • Hear from each of the network’s founding members about why obesity care is so important to our organizations and why we wanted to be a part of this diverse nursing collaborative
  • Activate and engage the broad nursing community in this campaign – both for the health of our own nursing professionals, and to inspire the health of the nation.

Nurses Obesity Network is a diverse group of nursing organizations committed to changing the way we view, treat, and advance care for people living with obesity – including members of our own nursing profession. Collectively, we will become role models for wellbeing, champions for change, and advocates for better obesity care and treatment.

Webinar Replay — Obesity: When Diet and Exercise Are Not Enough

As part of the Reclaim Your Wellness Campaign’s regular programming, this webinar educates viewers about why obesity must be treated as a disease, and explores the linkage between obesity, COVID-19, and health disparities. Learn how these issues intersect and why it is so important to remove weight stigma and take a continuum of care approach to treating obesity.​

Webinar Replay — A Closer Look at the Impact of Obesity Throughout One's Lifetime

This is the first in a three-part summer webinar series hosted by the Obesity Care Advocacy Network. The discussion focuses on the topic of how obesity can impact individuals throughout their lifetime, featuring medical experts in pediatric, adult and gerontological obesity.

On Demand Webinar — World Obesity Live – COVID-19 and Obesity Webinar Series | World Obesity Federation

In response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the World Obesity Federation and colleagues launched a series of webinars on COVID-19 & Obesity. To date, there have been ten World Obesity Live webinars with global perspectives covering a range of topics including an examination of the intersection of COVID-19 and obesity, health inequities, childhood obesity, and more…